About Me

Language Lover

French & Japanese. My love for language has grown over the years, from the first time I stepped foot in Japan to my studies in linguistics at university. Language connects us all and provides a way of understanding other cultures. I would love to learn as many languages as I can, but right now I am mainly focused on improving my French.


B.A. in Linguistics - December 2013. Linguistics has been a huge part of my life as well. Learning how language works gave me another perspective. Two of my favorite subfields of linguistics are language acquisition and syntax. Both fields intertwine with the new skills I've acquired in programming.

Web Developer

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML & CSS, Javascript. I recently completed an online web development course with CareerFoundry. The six months I spent learning the afore mentioned web technologies has increased my patience and perseverance. Futhermore, the course enabled me to create two projects, a personal portfolio and an e-commerce website.